Saturday, March 10, 2007

Change in Added Sugar Consumption

Here are some graphs I made from the servings.xls spreadsheet at the USDA Economic Research Service website that show the growth of per capita (per person) consumption of added sugars between 1970 and 2004.

(1) Total added sugars includes all corn derived sweeteners plus edible syrups and honey, which showed up on the graph near zero so I did not include them.
(2) All corn sweeteners include High Fructose Corn Syrup, Glucose, Dextrose, and Corn Sweeteners.

Source for both: USDA/Economic Research Service 2006 data,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for initiating and monitoring this blog. The graphs on sugar consumption was fascinating and confirmed my suspicions regarding corn-based sweeteners. I'll continue to check the blog for updates.
- Peggy C

Marc said...

Well done! I was contemplating writing just such a post when I stumbled across the sugar data on the USDA web site (lots of fun stats there...).

I wonder if there are statistics on fruit consumption too. That probably drops like a rock.

Tim Crosby said...
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Tim Crosby said...

I'm glad this is useful information. Let me know if you find some other info that would be worth highlighting.

There is a recent article that discusses the fruit consumption at (new post). Will see if I can generate any good graphics.