Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More Energy in Food

Ken Meter, with the Crossroads Center in Minnesota, has compiled some wonderful facts regarding food markets. Here is one such fact:

" Annual cost of energy used in food system (production, processing and distribution), at current consumption rates (2005): $139 billion."

And here is how Ken figure this out, as noted in the footnotes:
"Calculated from ratio determined by FEA study cited above, using current Department of Energy data for energy consumption ($694 billion in 2001 -- DOE Table 1.5 Energy Consumption, Expenditures, and Emissions Indicators, 1949-2004,, viewed Nov. 27, 2005). Bureau of Labor Statistics data on consumer expenditures for food,, viewed February 7, 2006."

Source: Ken Meter, "U.S. Food Market Highlights", Crossroads Center, rev. Sept. 5, 2006,

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